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Automatic translation programmesLast post 18 Mar 10, 10:35
I would like to share the following gem: My favorite food is “XXXX”. This court can I d8 Replies
automatic - revolverLast post 06 Mar 03, 17:39
a automatic is a german 'pistole' not a 'revolver'2 Replies
automatic transmission - automatisiertes SchaltgetriebeLast post 18 Jan 06, 12:52
Wrong translation. Automatic transmission means solely "Automatikgetriebe". A "automatisiert…2 Replies
automatic circuit breaker - SicherungsautomatLast post 07 Apr 08, 08:01
Definiert in Norm: BS EN 60898 > Quellen: > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circuit_breaker > …4 Replies
Selbstabgleich - automatic calibrationLast post 09 Apr 14, 11:33
Eine Einrichtung zum Selbstabgleich der Sendefrequenz auf das Empfängersignal ist vorgesehen…2 Replies
difference between automatic and automatedLast post 01 Aug 05, 18:00
Could somebody please explain the difference between automatic and automated. Is "automatisc…5 Replies
automatic targetingLast post 04 Dec 08, 16:22
The development environment now provides a gateway, enabling software-in-the-loop simulation…2 Replies
automatic inputLast post 16 Sep 08, 12:01
Es geht um eine Radwuchtmaschine, die über ein Selbstkaliebrierungsprogramm verfügt: The wh…3 Replies
automatic dispatchLast post 10 Oct 08, 14:31
ADF automatic dispatch from specified floor ADF is used to dispatch the elevator away from a2 Replies
automatic familiarityLast post 12 Jan 08, 18:55
Neuropsychol. Studie über Gedächtnis:"...controlled recollection and automatic familiarity i…4 Replies

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