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prosecution barristerLast post 28 Jan 12, 17:30
Then the prosecution barrister stood up and outlined the case against the defendant. Staats…8 Replies
lawyer / barristerLast post 18 Mar 07, 21:07
Is a lawyer somebody you can ask for some advice, but a barrister can perform in court? Thanks4 Replies
barrister - der AdvokatLast post 13 Oct 08, 17:18
Völlig veraltet. "Advokat" sagt heute kein Mensch mehr. Im Zweifelsfall: DUDEN. Oder ganz …3 Replies
attorney, barrister, lawyerLast post 21 Apr 20, 11:04
Was ist der Unterschied zwischen den dreien?13 Replies
clerk (in barrister's chambers)Last post 09 Dec 12, 22:12
I spoke with the clerk from their chambers. In Wikipedia-Artikel über "Barrister" habe ich …7 Replies
Barrister, Solicitor, Lawyer - AnwaltLast post 20 Nov 06, 02:53
Does anyone know the exact differences between a barrister, solicitor or lawyer? What are th…11 Replies
Junior Barrister - ReferendarinLast post 17 Aug 05, 21:06
Nachdem ich in diesem Faden :  related discussion:Male version not found gelesen habe, das6 Replies
Bedeutung von "barrister" und "solicitor"Last post 24 Nov 20, 12:52
barrister und solicitor werden als Rechtsanwalt übersetzt, solicitor auch noch als Notar. …8 Replies
unterschied: lawyer / solicitor / barrister / counsel / advocateLast post 23 Nov 09, 09:29
moin, weiß wer den genauen unterschied zwischen lawyer / solicitor / barrister / counsel / a…3 Replies
to claim to be a barristerLast post 10 Jan 11, 19:36
Unter the Legal Service Act 2007, it is illegal for a person who does not have the legal qua…2 Replies

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