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bogle, boule, budge, bugler, bulge, bungle, burgle Beuge, Beule, Boule, Büge, Buhle, Bulle

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ajuga, bugleweed

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bugle beadsLast post 16 Nov 09, 11:53
these things: Replies
bugle call "Taps"Last post 26 Jan 09, 17:55
"Lord of our lives, our hope in death, we cannot listen to Taps without our souls stirring. …9 Replies
bugle - GünselLast post 02 Mar 06, 19:30 "Any of several creeping Old World herbs of t…1 Replies
... the bugle a baneLast post 18 Feb 21, 10:44
Then the top is a burden, the bugle a bane... -- from the Bedtime poem "when the sleepy man…5 Replies
bugle - Kriechender Günsel, wiss.: Ajuga reptansLast post 05 Dec 11, 21:40 bugle2 Pronunciat0 Replies
pyramid bugle - der Pyramiden-Günsel, wiss.: Ajuga pyramidalisLast post 04 Dec 11, 00:01 Replies
blue bugle - Genfer Günsel, wiss.: Ajuga genevensisLast post 03 Dec 11, 23:56 Ajuga genevensis L. blue bugle http:/0 Replies
ground pine - Gelber Günsel, wiss.: Ajuga chamaepitysLast post 03 Dec 11, 23:26 ground pine noun 1 a small yellow-flower0 Replies
bugle - der Günsel, wiss.: Ajuga (Gattung)Last post 05 Dec 11, 21:46 bugle2 Pronunciat0 Replies
röhren (das Verb)Last post 11 Jun 14, 09:26
I'm looking for a way to translate "röhrender Hirsch", but roaring seems too lion-like.3 Replies

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