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commune, commuted, commuter, compute

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commuteLast post 03 May 09, 14:47
With higher energy prices, people cannot afford THE COMMUTING anymore. Is it possible to sa…1 Replies
bike commute or bike-commuteLast post 01 Feb 13, 11:49
My car-commute (car commute?) is ... My public transportation commute is .. What if it's a …4 Replies
to commute = to reduce ?Last post 30 Mar 15, 12:46
Neugierige Frage: Auf http://www.dw.de/afghanistan-death-sentence-commuted-for-murderer-of-g…7 Replies
Go commuteLast post 02 Dec 07, 06:00
http://home.arcor.de/matze0103/15125.htm ???3 Replies
bad commuteLast post 25 Jan 13, 18:34
Did you have a bad commute because of the snow? Wie sagt man "bad commute" in diesem Zusamm…3 Replies
commute and emoteLast post 03 May 05, 21:33
Find some of your fellow actors and commune or emote or something. Tja, was soll sie nun mit…3 Replies
Meaning of commute?Last post 14 Jul 08, 16:07
Hi, could anybody help me with the translation of commute? "Endurance is running more mil…2 Replies
commute should be fun tomorrowLast post 10 Dec 13, 19:13
We're in for a winter storm tomorrow, and I'm writing a friend and would like to say that, "…5 Replies
commute sentence to XY days plusLast post 26 Sep 19, 10:02
I just got a call, it's been commuted to 100 days plus. Eine Anwältin ruft ihren Mandanten …3 Replies
commute time oder commuting timeLast post 02 Apr 09, 12:09
Welcher Begriff bezeichnet die Zeit, die man täglich braucht, um zu seinem Arbeitsplatz zu g…1 Replies