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payment morality - ZahlungsmoralLast post 31 Dec 08, 13:53
sollte m.E. gelöscht werden, es klingt absolut übersetzt und hat magere 70 google Treffer.3 Replies
payment - leasing rateLast post 11 Jul 12, 14:03
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&2 Replies
Payment conditionsLast post 24 Apr 07, 13:49
I am writing an application to south africa, thereby I have to pay for sth.... Coul anybody …2 Replies
payment [bank.]\t - die LeasingrateLast post 13 Sep 13, 20:52
"Rate" can be rate or instalment. There should be some mention of "leasing".2 Replies
Prompt payment discount - SkontoLast post 26 Nov 07, 15:37
Only applicable when paid before the due by date1 Replies
payment card = debit card [finan.] - KreditkarteLast post 09 Aug 04, 23:38
"payment cards" ist der Oberbegriff für "debit cards" = Bankkundenkarten für Kontoabbuchunge…7 Replies
on default of payment \t\t \t - bei NichtzahlungLast post 29 Jan 15, 16:22
https://www.courtsni.gov.uk/en-GB/Services/fine-default/Pages/default.aspx Will I go to pris…2 Replies
aid money - TransferleistungLast post 21 Sep 07, 18:08
Das ist ja eher eine Interpretation und keine Beschreibung der Wortbedeutung, ich hätte lieb…3 Replies
Payment for Freelance TranslationLast post 03 Jan 10, 20:25
Frohes Neues Jahr! I've been offered the chance to translate a short novella from German i…4 Replies
proof of payment - ÜberweisungsscheinLast post 19 May 15, 16:29
Has anybody got some sort of official text (not toytowngermany) stating that an "Überweisung…9 Replies