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PaymentLast post 18 Feb 11, 14:25
Till today i didn't received the amount which must be refund to me and i ask you again to ma…3 Replies
Zahlungsrate - payment; payment rateLast post 11 Dec 08, 12:24
Bedingung für die Freigabe der letzten Zahlungsrate ist ... ...release of the last payment.…3 Replies
Down payment vs. advance paymentLast post 17 Feb 11, 12:35
•\t20% as down payment after issue of the purchase order against invoice •\t80% after delive…2 Replies
prompt paymentLast post 23 Jun 10, 10:01
Hallo, Ich lerne gerade Phrases für Commercial Correspondence, da ist mir aufgefallen, das …1 Replies
earnout paymentLast post 06 Jul 18, 00:59
Net income totaled 1.2 mio. after tax benefit in discontinued operations due to a contingent…4 Replies
settled paymentLast post 31 Mar 05, 15:33
settled payment (EU-Antraege)kann man das mit "Zahlung aufgrund Nachweis" übersetzen oder eh…1 Replies
Billag PaymentLast post 08 Mar 06, 12:07
Form of payment I am proofreading an English translation from German. Both texts have "Billa…4 Replies
Bulk PaymentLast post 07 Jul 09, 09:04
This is something that is used to exchange large files between banks, but I really need help…4 Replies
sort paymentLast post 13 Jun 06, 11:30
Hallöchen, hier geht es um eine Rechnung die noch vor Auslieferung bezahlt werden muss. Ich…3 Replies
facilitating paymentLast post 27 Jul 10, 12:30
to offer a facilitating payment for the purpose of expediting a governmental action.5 Replies

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