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eclectic, electrics

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cliff-hanging, electrically

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electric steel - elektrostahlLast post 20 May 05, 11:40
Electric steel is most definitely not what might be called "elektrostahl". The translation u…4 Replies
Electric Storage HeatingLast post 11 Nov 09, 07:11
Kann mir bitte jemand erklären, wie ich meine "Electric Storage Heaters" (ESH) einzustellen …7 Replies
electric / electricalLast post 06 May 06, 16:54
gibt es da eigentlich einen Unterschied in der Bedeutung?2 Replies
electric vehicle power plant [AUTOM.] - elektromotorische AntriebeLast post 16 Nov 12, 13:03
"electric vehicle power plant" habe ich hauptsächlich in chinesischen Quellen gefunden, wo i…51 Replies
battery electric road vehicle [TECH.] - batterieelektrischer BusLast post 25 Apr 18, 10:49
While a "bus" is, indeed, a type of road vehicle, the two are not synonymous.Either the Eng…0 Replies
electrical vs electricLast post 12 Dec 19, 14:17
electrical properties or electric properties ?? What is the difference?3 Replies
electricity vs electricLast post 07 Apr 09, 16:58
are these two words interchangeable ?I had never heard of "electric" for "electricity" till …1 Replies
electric versus electricalLast post 03 Apr 17, 14:37
"elektrische Leitfaehigkeit" can be translated as "electric" or "electrical" conductivity. w…8 Replies
electric chair - elektrischer StuhlLast post 04 Aug 10, 02:11
Pons Großwörterbuch für Uni und Experten Miriam Webster2 Replies
electricLast post 05 Dec 10, 16:27
"We are not passively being governed, being ruled by the government," he told me. "We have o…6 Replies