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profess, prowess Profess, Prozess

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sequence, run, work, operation, procedure, action


Formen von „compound adjectives“
Compound adjectives bestehen aus zwei oder mehrWörtern, die zusammen als Attribut meist ein Substantiv näherbeschreiben. Typische Verbindungen sind: • Substantiv + Substantiv / Adj…

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process / process specialistLast post 12 Nov 13, 13:47
job vacancies in various areas from health and safety to process. Wie übersetze ich hier am…4 Replies
processLast post 23 Feb 09, 12:47
I filled out the forms to make him an informant and just need to process him in Bern. proce…2 Replies
processLast post 08 Oct 09, 11:34
i have all the needed documents to process your certificate2 Replies
Process - ProzessLast post 19 Nov 09, 16:39
Service of process is the procedure employed to give legal notice to a person (such as a def…2 Replies
faulting process - DefektausbreitungLast post 12 Nov 08, 11:13
A general mechanism of martensitic transformation nucleation has been proposed in which embr…1 Replies
Vorgang process/prog - process/progressLast post 17 Dec 07, 16:11
Der Vorgang des Herunterladens und Speicherns der Daten wird rechts neben der Datenbankansic…4 Replies
procedure - processLast post 01 Nov 06, 19:33
Kann mir vielleicht hier jemand den Unterschied zwischen procedure und process erklären? Wär…3 Replies
cooling processLast post 08 Nov 06, 09:58
wissenschaftlicher artikel (i) The demanded basic variables (B) will be reduced from a highe…7 Replies
tatonnement processLast post 25 Mar 08, 23:26
The assumption is, that such appropriation is impossible because the superior knowledge of i…4 Replies
syndication processLast post 19 Jul 07, 17:33
The syndication process of the XYZ transaction is a great opportunity to create a group of c…2 Replies

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