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OperationLast post 13 Apr 07, 10:41
In der Branche "Logistik" oder "Handel" gibt es so ein Job als "Operation", wie soll es heiß…5 Replies
operation?Last post 26 Mar 09, 13:58
The new company is acquiring a division, business unit or operation of the customer which us…3 Replies
operationLast post 06 Jun 08, 00:12
"The mayor had draining operations started" i.e. the mayor had a draining system built, but…2 Replies
black operation - verdeckte OperationLast post 16 May 07, 15:39
"Black operation" which is a type of covert operation. In this context, "black" is a term us…12 Replies
Operation Chaos - Operation ChaosLast post 11 May 08, 20:52
The next segment of our plan is entitled Operation Chaos. Is "Operation" the correct transla…4 Replies
spin operationLast post 29 Mar 06, 01:07
Text about media coverage in Northern Ireland "In the final hours of the Easter 1998 negoti…1 Replies
negative operationLast post 16 Mar 05, 09:53
positively operated valve - non-positive operation - negative operation Habe hier einen Text…4 Replies
protocol operationLast post 29 Mar 07, 10:53
Classification of routing protocols in...protocol structure... Es geht …1 Replies
operation statusLast post 24 Jun 20, 12:26
All branches had to first apply for operation status before continuing to operate. Der Sat…1 Replies
to operation??Last post 18 Jun 14, 15:31
Hallo liebe LEOniden! Ein Kunde hat mich gerade gebeten, noch einen zusätzlichen Satz in ei…7 Replies

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