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compound correlation/base correlationLast post 15 Oct 08, 16:20
There are two alternative implied correlation measures. One is compound correlation. [...] T…1 Replies
spurious correlationLast post 25 Jun 07, 12:17
The model includes a flexible time trend as the high growth rate of both variables may lead …3 Replies
population correlationLast post 21 Apr 09, 18:13
"an new measure, such as produced by C-OAR-SE, con be evaluated as predictively valid if one…1 Replies
correlation riskLast post 27 Aug 08, 18:22
nochmal ich... Correlation risk= The risk that the actual correlation between two risk ass…1 Replies
correlation guideLast post 15 Jan 13, 20:15
We can help develop a correlation guide that identifies specific educational requirements an…4 Replies
cross-country correlation und maximum correlationLast post 23 Jan 10, 12:42
Aus der Statistik: Es sind zwei Begriffe für verschiedene Arten von Korrelation, für die ich…4 Replies
spurious correlation - ScheinkorrelationLast post 22 Oct 14, 15:16 "In statistics a correlation between data …3 Replies
klarer Zusammenhang - correlation to or correlation with?Last post 07 Mar 11, 23:04
Life Styles Inventory (LSI): Fragebogen zu wahrgenommenen Verhaltensweisen in einem Team ode…3 Replies
reliability-corrected correlationLast post 16 Nov 06, 15:03
Journal of Marketing April 2005 We transformed the reliability-corrected correlation into Fis0 Replies
error term correlationLast post 09 Oct 08, 16:05
these methods seek to alter scale item presentation to reduce error term correlation1 Replies

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