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to corrupt someoneLast post 22 Jun 07, 00:14
I am looking for a good translation of the sentence: We are corrupting her. I could not fi…4 Replies
File is corruptLast post 27 Apr 10, 10:59
"The file is corrupt" Quelle(n): Replies
Corrupt the governmentLast post 24 Sep 10, 21:27
Ron Paul on CNN: How Wall Street Corrupted The Government LEO says the word "korrumpieren" …3 Replies
Foreign Corrupt Practices ActLast post 12 Feb 08, 22:17
Es geht um einen Managementvertrag, die Klausel selber spricht von Bestechung. Das ist mir s…1 Replies
the corrupt King HerodesLast post 29 Mar 09, 18:06
Here, where the ancient Greeks had built shrines to pagan gods on one rock, the corrupt King…7 Replies
The police are corrupt!Last post 31 Jul 11, 19:43
The police in *** are thoroughly corrupt. They take bribed for everything and anything. Is …19 Replies
conspiracy to corrupt public moralsLast post 19 Jan 15, 11:01
Aus einer Ansprache über das Thema Redefreiheit. Hier der ganze Abschnitt: Just look at the…4 Replies
material liable to deprave and corruptLast post 27 Jan 08, 15:22
They had arrested him on suspicion of producing material liable to deprave and corrupt (thos…1 Replies
we stand to corrupt our heartsLast post 18 Apr 09, 16:29
If what matters to us most is being in sync with the world around us, we stand to corrupt ou…2 Replies
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations ActLast post 17 May 15, 14:53
Ein Bundesgesetz in den Vereinigten Staaten. Kann man das einigermaßen passend übersetzen (…2 Replies

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