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Lord of the creation - Herr der SchöpfungLast post 22 May 20, 11:16
I think the "the" in the the English term has to be deleted, but I'm not sure how to demons…10 Replies
promotion of job creation - Förderung von ArbeitsplätzenLast post 23 Jun 07, 19:16
promotion of jobs wäre doch die Förderung von Arbeitsplätzen Irgendwie muss das creation doc…1 Replies
co-creation - MitbegründungLast post 29 Mar 08, 22:40
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Co-creation http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Co-conception google…1 Replies
Malevolent Creation - They breedLast post 28 Sep 08, 12:54
"My life is not complete Until you've killed each others" Death Metal lyrics der amerikanis…6 Replies
Dearest creature in creationLast post 23 Sep 09, 16:52
Kennt zufällig jemand einen Link, wo dieses Gedicht von einem Muttersprachler gelesen wird ?…5 Replies
creationLast post 05 Aug 09, 10:08
that device is my creation3 Replies
Eigenkreation - own creationLast post 17 Jan 06, 20:40
Danke für die Hilfe! Many thanks! Es geht um Modellautos: Neben zahlreichen maschinell gefe…3 Replies
creation narrative - SchöpfungserzählungLast post 09 Jan 09, 14:17
The Maasai of Kenya in their creation narrative recount the origin of humanity to be fashion…0 Replies
creation - Entstehung / BildungLast post 02 Mar 13, 17:09
The overall impression is one of beauty, but a disorienting beauty that is hard for human ey…1 Replies
Difference between "production" and "creation"Last post 19 Oct 07, 17:21
Hi, could anybody explain the difference between "prodution" and " creation"?8 Replies