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creepyLast post 25 Aug 10, 05:23
was bedeutet creepy? ausserhalb von gruselig der unheimlich thats a bit creepy.. kann es a…14 Replies
creepyLast post 10 Dec 10, 11:29
"We Googled you. We weren't being creepy", he assured me. Was bedeutet "We weren't being cr…3 Replies
creepyLast post 25 Feb 19, 07:16
“Creepy!” Zoë let the P pop audibly in a futile attempt to lighten the atmosphere. Der Satz st7 Replies
creepy-crawliesLast post 08 Apr 13, 00:00
The Guardian, insects could be the planet`s next food source9 Replies
creeping me out & creepyLast post 23 Mar 10, 15:09
Daughter to her father: "Stop smiling like this, it's creeping me out!" A bit later, father …3 Replies
creepy, eerie, eldritch, scary, sinister, spooky - alle synonym "gruselig, unheimlich"?Last post 04 Feb 20, 07:15
Hallo,ich wollte gerne wissen, ob die englischen Wörter "creepy", "eerie", "eldritch", "scar…12 Replies
creepy; to creep someone outLast post 16 Jul 10, 19:00
The neighbour above me left me another note. This time she rhetorically asked me if I recent…2 Replies
Uncle Insists: “Creepy is the New Quirky.”Last post 20 Oct 09, 16:37
Uncle Insists: “Creepy is the New Quirky.” Zeitungsspruch einer American Dad Folge. ht4 Replies
crepy-crawlyLast post 03 May 10, 10:27
I didn't mind creepy-crawlies when I was a child. Gemeint sind ja Insekten. Gibt es da eine…4 Replies
ein unheimlicher FreundLast post 22 Mar 09, 19:50
Es geht um einen Alligator ;)... Soll die Überschrift eines Fotos werden! Vielen Dank! Eur…2 Replies