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Orthographically similar words

weir, weirdo, weirdy, weiro, wired Weide, Wesir

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LEO Advent calendar - weirdLast post 14 Dec 08, 18:34
I just opened the first door of the LEO Advent calendar (http://www.leo.org/wkal/) and got a…101 Replies
weird - einzigartigLast post 22 Jan 14, 18:00
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-25808229 Thirty years ago, movie star Robert Re…4 Replies
to weird out ?Last post 20 Nov 07, 15:47
Ich bin halte im Moment Kontakt zu einer jungen Amerikanerin und sie schrieb in der letzte E…9 Replies
weirdLast post 15 Dec 06, 12:15
"this disease presents a peculiar ethical dilemma that to the author's knowledge has not bee…5 Replies
weirdLast post 18 Oct 10, 16:17
After we broke up, we ran into each other all the time, which was awkward. We tried to avoid…3 Replies
We're a weird mob (Australians)Last post 02 Jul 12, 12:05
I’d like to share this portrait of my home country with my fellow LEOnids. Any questions? h…31 Replies
weird capitalizing, can anyone help? Last post 03 Jun 10, 10:44
John heads the Real Estate practice of the group. Henry is the Managing Director and he has…6 Replies
weird - bescheuert?Last post 18 May 08, 04:55
ich war letzte woche in england mit einem austauschpogramm,und da hat jeder gesagt: he/she i…6 Replies
weird moodLast post 31 Oct 11, 16:31
"She's in a weird mood today." "Nicht gut drauf" ist es nicht wirklich. Nicht unbedingt schl5 Replies
über-weirdLast post 21 Dec 09, 15:04
"You realize that you're all being über-weird, even for people who live at a tattoo shop." …9 Replies