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equity [econ.] - der MarktwertLast post 15 Sep 06, 09:27
All correct combinations are there but I strongly recommend to REMOVE the combination "equit…6 Replies
Private EquityLast post 26 Jun 08, 10:33
Die Beteiligung an sogenannten "private equity fonds" ist in Deutschland für den "Normalster…1 Replies
equityLast post 02 Dec 06, 06:05
hmm maybe the following part is a bit out of place in a language forum but I try nevertheles…2 Replies
law and equityLast post 30 Aug 07, 12:44
Die Bedeutung von beiden Begriffen kenne ich. Meine Frage nun: Gibt es heute in den USA imm…9 Replies
Private equity vs. Shareholder's equityLast post 09 Jan 06, 16:58
Is there a difference between "private equity" and "shareholders' equity"? Thanks, marcel 1 Replies
EQUITY RESEARCHERLast post 13 Jun 06, 10:14
Hallo, not sure if I m right here; but maybe someone can help me and explein whats a equity …2 Replies
equity platformLast post 05 Oct 20, 17:15
Kann mir jemand diesen Begriff definieren?Es geht um die equity platform einer Bank. Handelt…1 Replies
Credit side / Equity and Liabilities side - PassivseiteLast post 11 May 07, 19:25
On the Equity and Liabilities side, equity declined by EUR-4,4 m. Passivseite mit "debit" zu…0 Replies
investment valued in proportion to equity - die KapitalanteilsmethodeLast post 26 Oct 12, 11:38
One is a value, the other a method. That can't be right. Moreover, the term "investment val…4 Replies
Liabilities - Die PassivaLast post 05 Dec 18, 17:08
Passive assets in Balance Sheet have two differente categories: Liabilities and Equity. Tra…0 Replies