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freelance - freie MitarbeitLast post 25 Mar 11, 17:41
1free·lance noun \\ˈfrē-ˌlan(t)s\\ Definition of FREELANCE 1 a usually free lance : a mercen…10 Replies
Payment for Freelance TranslationLast post 03 Jan 10, 20:25
Frohes Neues Jahr! I've been offered the chance to translate a short novella from German i…4 Replies
Part time freelance translationLast post 15 Dec 08, 20:49
Hi! I'm an English native speaker, currently working as a trainee translator at a translatio…2 Replies
Trados Freelance - PreiseLast post 09 May 05, 16:59
Hallo Ihr Lieben, könntet Ihr so lieb sein und mir mal eine ungefähre Vorstellung geben, w…19 Replies
Gewerbeanmeldung for freelance translator?Last post 26 Sep 08, 17:21
I recently started working freelance in Germany and my husband was wondering if I need a Gew…33 Replies
Freelance translation rates (UK)Last post 10 Jan 05, 14:51
Hello I'm hoping to get some freelance translation work in the UK (working from French and …8 Replies
Honorarvertrag - freelance contractLast post 21 Nov 05, 11:34
related discussion So is a Werkvertrag just for a one-off payment, but an Honorarvertrag co…10 Replies
Freelance Mitarbeit nur bei Kauf von Trados?Last post 04 Sep 08, 12:01
Hallo zusammen, ich stelle die Frage doch nochmal in einem eigenen Thread.. Ich habe mich be…21 Replies
Freelance translators in the USLast post 16 Aug 06, 08:10
I'm a translator now, working full-time at a company. However, I'd like to start doing some …13 Replies
A question for freelance translatorsLast post 08 Mar 07, 13:33
I know this topic has already been discussed, but I would really like to know how many of yo…18 Replies

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