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freezerLast post 19 May 08, 17:47
When referring to a freezer (next to or inside your refrigerator) which is more common to sa…9 Replies
chest freezerLast post 22 Jan 08, 11:50
was ist ein chest freezer??? im gegensatz zu einem normalen freezer??1 Replies
cascade freezerLast post 23 Sep 08, 22:04
two compressors cascade Typ eines Kühlschranks oder einer Kühlvorrichtung allgemein - habe …3 Replies
freezer paperLast post 22 Apr 10, 15:28
in Quiltanleitungen kommt oft der Begriff "freezer paper" vor. was ist genau damit gemeint?6 Replies
freezer wrapping - GefrierfolieLast post 14 Aug 15, 11:52
Butter: Over-wrap store wrap with freezer wrapping Die Google Bildersuche findet zu "freezer…1 Replies
fridge-freezer - die GefrierkombinationLast post 09 Sep 13, 09:05
Beispiel für "fridge-freezer" http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Browse/ID72/33016098/c_1/1|categ…5 Replies
freezer burn and also brain freezeLast post 18 Dec 10, 16:10
When something is left in the freezer too long, it becomes dried out. We call this freezer b…6 Replies
Hiding from tornado in freezerLast post 12 Jun 13, 02:51
The news from Moore sounds terrible, so sorry if the subject is upsetting to anyone. I am cu…214 Replies
--- - This room is equipped with a dish washer, washing machine, tumber, whirlpool, suna, ai rcondition, freezer, steamer, a flat screLast post 17 Apr 10, 11:14
This room is equipped with a dish washer, washing machine, tumber, whirlpool, suna, ai rcond…1 Replies
Glasscheiben zum Fleischverkaufraum sowie an der Kühltruhe durch Schwitzwasser stark bedeckt. - Glass plates to the meat salesroom as well as at the freezer heavy coveredby condensation water.Last post 27 Sep 07, 11:19
Bitte prüfen1 Replies

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