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   der Knicker (Noun)

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to get one's knickers in a twist (Brit.) [coll.] - sich nicht aufregen [coll.]Last post 04 Dec 06, 11:04
I'd say the "nicht" in the German translation either needs to be left out, or the English ve…7 Replies
Kid in knickersLast post 27 Feb 08, 01:34
I'm a cyborg, but that's ok [00:16:23,615] I'm translating a movie and a young girl says th…5 Replies
to get one's knickers in a twist [brit.) [coll.] - sich ins Hemd machen [coll.]Last post 08 Nov 05, 20:10
Warum wird knickers hier mit Hemd eingedeutscht? Deutsch ist 'sich in die Hose' machen auch …3 Replies
to charm the knickers offLast post 27 Jan 11, 20:13
"Like for instance English men. Charm the knickers off, you with their mellow vowels and fri…5 Replies
to get one's knickers caught in the crack - sich ins Hemd machenLast post 04 Oct 07, 22:52
Elizabeth George, 'With No One As Witness', page 609: 'Christ, Havers. Don't get your knicke…5 Replies
All fur coat and no knickersLast post 30 Jul 07, 19:30
She is all fur coat and no knickers. The above phrase was said in the company of a German c…14 Replies
twisted my knickers in a knotLast post 02 Feb 15, 11:04
Aus einem Forenbeitrag. Hier ist etwas mehr von dem Post für den Kontext. After giving them…8 Replies
to get one's knickers in a twist [Brit.][coll.] - sich ins Hemd machen [coll.]Last post 14 Nov 02, 11:16
It's amazing and fascinating to me how people can get their knickers in such a twist over l…8 Replies
are your nikers in a twistLast post 06 Sep 07, 23:34
are your nikers in a twist ???3 Replies
UnterhosenLast post 13 Feb 08, 13:46
Welcher der Ausdrücke im Dix. ist besser für Männer und welche besser für Frauen. Shorts ist…4 Replies