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meteor Eintor, Menora, Meteor

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mentor - Mentor, BeraterLast post 19 Aug 15, 10:44
http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_en.html#/search=mentor&searchLoc=0&resultOrder=basic&mult5 Replies
Elmer - Mentor, LehrerLast post 29 Dec 20, 13:52
Elmer, friend and co-worker 48 years. I miss you David.Diesen Satz las ich in einem Nachruf …1 Replies
to mentor - beratenLast post 03 Jun 10, 15:36
The popular advice is "find a mentor". A question to ask yourself first is "How ready am I t…2 Replies
Peer mentorLast post 27 Jan 10, 15:59
Peer mentor: a scheme where older students look after younger students, giving advice and he…1 Replies
ehrenamtlicher MentorLast post 23 Dec 09, 00:34
Already during my time at the University of X I volunteered as a mentor for international st…3 Replies
a mentor of mine Last post 10 Nov 10, 13:06
...gave me the following piece of advice (aus eine autobiographischen Erzählung) "Ein Ment…3 Replies
Mentor beim SelbstbehauptungstrainingLast post 04 Jan 08, 00:47
Ich bin ein Mentor beim Selbstbehauptungstraining für 6. Klässler. I'm a mentor at the asse…7 Replies
serve as a mentor ...resourceLast post 04 Mar 15, 15:20
You will serve as a mentor and friend to aspiring company coordinators and a resource to cli…4 Replies
serve as a mentorLast post 18 Aug 15, 22:04
Serve as a mentor for at-risk, migrant, or refugee children. Als Mentor fungieren? That soun6 Replies
The boy really likes the man, whom he considers as his mentor - Der Junge mag den Mann sehr, den er als seinen Mentor erachtetLast post 26 Apr 10, 23:55
The boy really likes the man whom he considers as his mentor. - ist das so richtig, oder so…14 Replies

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