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CounselLast post 08 Oct 08, 08:38
Oh, Counsel,I think you picked a poor example. (Colonel Pickering in "My Fair Lady", Song "W…1 Replies
off counsel ODER off counselLast post 15 May 04, 08:40
Es geht hier um Anwälte und Berater, die nicht direkt bei einer Sozietät angestellt sind, je…15 Replies
effective counselLast post 16 Apr 07, 13:26
Thus, his right to effective counsel under the 6th Amendment was violated.2 Replies
and, counsel?Last post 04 Jul 09, 22:11
"February forth", said the judge, "for hearing and trial. And, counsel?" "Yes, answered tria…1 Replies
to counselLast post 21 Jul 08, 08:38
The employee who was responsible for the offensive comment was counseled that this behaviour…2 Replies
counsel tableLast post 10 Jun 15, 13:27
"Tension fills the air as the defense lawyer flings accusations of prosecutorial misconduct …3 Replies
general counsel - SyndikusLast post 08 Aug 06, 13:54
related discussion siehe entsprechende Diskussion unter English missing... related discussion6 Replies
of counsel vs. off counsel - Bekannte DiskussionLast post 21 Nov 07, 01:33
Es gab dazu mal eine Diskussion hier im Forum, die ich im Archiv nicht mehr finde. Kann mir …7 Replies
docketing patent counsel Last post 01 Aug 07, 10:58
Since XXX is the patent owner it will receive notices from patent office or docketing patent…3 Replies
counsel and adviceLast post 02 Jul 06, 15:25
Relationships can encompass advice, counsel and/or specific activities within the following …0 Replies

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