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occupational diseaseLast post 30 Jun 06, 02:10
Kann der Begriff "occupational disease" im Englischen - so wie im Deutschen - auch humoristi…11 Replies
occupational health and safety - der Arbeitsschutz Pl.: die ArbeitsschutzeLast post 16 Jan 14, 20:09
singulare tantum1 Replies
extra occupational - berufsbeleitendLast post 14 Mar 07, 12:21
For people with experience in their profession, there is an extra occupational advanced stud…1 Replies
extra-occupational - berufsbegleitendLast post 08 Feb 17, 10:50
extra- Forming adjectives (usu. from adjectives) with the senses ‘situated outside’, ‘not comi12 Replies
occupational therapist - KrankengymnastLast post 18 Oct 04, 14:02
Occupational Therapists helfen z.B. gelaehmten Patienten mit Spina Bifida dabei, auf Toilett…7 Replies
job safety vs. occupational safetyLast post 09 Sep 03, 16:47
Can anyone please help me out here? I'm trying to convince myself that "job safety" means "b…1 Replies
occupational therapistLast post 03 Jun 09, 13:53
An occupational therapist (OT) is a person trained in or engaged in the practice of occupati…3 Replies
occupational integrationLast post 29 Feb 16, 11:02
I am not sure if "berufliche Integration" can be translated like this? "Supported Employmen…5 Replies
Occupational LibraryLast post 28 Apr 07, 13:23
The Occupational Library at the University of London Careers Service. That's a library where…1 Replies
occupational placementLast post 15 Mar 05, 13:54
Unfavourable occupational placements can clearly be seen as the direct consequence of low ed…4 Replies