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occupation cooperative - BerufsgenossenschaftLast post 12 Aug 11, 17:09
Ist occupation cooperative überhaupt ein englischer Terminus? Treffer auf Marriam-Webster.…0 Replies
occupation rateLast post 16 Nov 13, 16:31
Wie kann ich in einem Smalltalk (ohne hochgestochen oder wissenschaftlich zu wirken) am gesc…4 Replies
occupation zone - BesatzungszoneLast post 21 May 07, 10:55
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Germany_since_19451 Replies
land occupation - LandbesetzungLast post 09 Apr 04, 03:17
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/country_profiles/1227110.stm Much of the country's…4 Replies
Word Order (Name-Occupation)Last post 13 Sep 11, 22:31
Sagt man eher: Karl Müller, a German exchange student, witnessed the accident. oder A Ger…2 Replies
main occupation - HauptbeschäftigungLast post 22 Apr 12, 18:04
In the area of work or ministry, many of us have one main occupation, such as teaching, soci…0 Replies
occupation baby - BesatzungskindLast post 13 Sep 10, 12:58
An occupation baby is a child fathered in Austria or Germany by an American serviceman durin…1 Replies
Civilian contact with military forces: Occupation, postwar, todayLast post 10 Sep 12, 17:00
Some OT posts about American military forces in Germany http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewGener…87 Replies
occupation manager???Last post 27 Sep 07, 12:47
- bin in einer Personenbeschreibung darauf gestossen und kann mir beim besten Willen keinen…2 Replies
Reference Occupation Last post 22 May 07, 14:38
Reference Occupation or Business am not sure about the meaning of this?4 Replies