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parachute opening device - FallschirmpacksackLast post 06 Nov 05, 11:04
Skydiving/ Fallschirmspringen You put the canopy in the parachute opening device (P.O.D.).0 Replies
parachute pack - FallschirmpackhülleLast post 18 Jun 13, 10:36
The flight attendant came to earth on his parachute pack, which may have cushioned his landi…4 Replies
parachute testLast post 07 Dec 06, 15:49
presentation about ethics in medicine: random controled trial vs. parachute test ( e.g. firs…0 Replies
parachute childrenLast post 03 Apr 08, 09:28
hat jemand eine Idee? Danke und Gruß,1 Replies
parachute riggerLast post 31 Oct 14, 22:59
aus einer Sammlung von Fotos des 2. Weltkriegs, Bildunterschrift: Parachute Rigger working i…3 Replies
golden parachute - Goldener FallschirmLast post 07 Mar 13, 18:41
Golden parachute. - Modest as Benedict XVI's retirement plans may be, as a bishop he will re…6 Replies
Excess Parachute Payment Last post 15 Jan 09, 10:50
In the event that any amount or benefit to be paid or provided under this Section 4 or any o…3 Replies
to parachute so.Last post 08 Aug 08, 20:30
"Parachuting" is the most visible interference of cabinets in the Commission's civil service…2 Replies
to parachute so.Last post 01 Apr 08, 09:44
A female agent of WWII was assessed as "not having the personality to act as a leader" befor…0 Replies
I parachute my lifeLast post 05 Nov 08, 13:29
Hallo, in einem In Flames Song gibt es eine Zeile: "I parachute my life" Wie istdas hier …2 Replies