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bout, gout, lout, oust, Out, out, phot, plot, plout, Poet, poet, Port, port, Post, post, pot, pouf, poult, pour, pouty, punt, put, Put, putt, putz, rout, spot, spout, tout out, Phot, Plot, Poet, Port, Post, Poti, Pott, Pult, Pute, Putz, Spot

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PoutLast post 16 Jul 07, 13:39
If a power interruption occurs while a program is running, the program will be aborted. When…5 Replies
honeymoon poutLast post 17 Oct 14, 12:17
And don't forget, ladies: Always wear a full set of undergarments if you're going out to par…7 Replies
pneumatic pout???Last post 07 Sep 09, 18:40
"Not all the viewers tuning in to YouTube to watch Ms. Luke cheerily layer rainbow-tinted sh…3 Replies
pout - schmollenLast post 14 Apr 10, 15:44
http://www.oup.com/oald-bin/web_getald7index1a.pl verb if you pout, pout your lips or if yo…3 Replies
Sulk or poutLast post 01 Oct 17, 11:15
The child sulked or pouted. Is there an idiomatic way of saying that in German? The dictio…3 Replies
pout - die (oder: der) FlunschLast post 07 Feb 15, 14:58
Offline: Pons Großwörterbuch für Experten und Universität Deutsch-Englisch; Englisch-Deutsch…1 Replies
shape his mouth into a never-ending poutLast post 27 Feb 07, 00:01
The untrimmed hairs of his black mustache curl over his upper lip and shape his mouth into a…5 Replies
to poofLast post 14 Mar 12, 15:59
she poofs her lips while she considers this Finde poof nur als Ausruf "Puff!, war er weg" o…15 Replies
Er spielt die beleidigte LeberwurstLast post 15 Feb 06, 21:07
SPD-Chef Franz Müntefering sagte, CSU-Chef Edmund Stoiber agiere ?wie eine beleidigte Leberw…2 Replies
einen Flunsch ziehenLast post 20 Jun 05, 08:10
einen Flunsch ziehen, beleidigt sein, konkret: die Unterlippe vorschieben - bei Kindern die …2 Replies