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Orthographically similar words

brevet, evert, reaver, reverb, revere, revers, revery, revet Revers, Revier

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mill revert scrap - der WalzwerksumlaufschrottLast post 03 May 10, 09:54
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&7 Replies
revert back on Last post 21 May 09, 19:54
Can you tell me how bad it is to say: 'When we last spoke I mentioned I would revert back o…6 Replies
to revertLast post 01 Jul 08, 10:27
Hallo, ich arbeite mit reference manager und kann mir das nicht zusammen reimen: NOTE: Do no…1 Replies
revert onLast post 07 Apr 08, 16:14
Aus einer Email: "With regard to your instructions kindly bear with us to revert on the char…2 Replies
by revertLast post 02 Apr 09, 10:05
Find all posts by revert. Find all threads started by revert Habe überhaupt keine Vorstell…3 Replies
to revert | reverted, reverted | [elec.]\t \t \twiederrückfallen | -, wiederrückgefallen | - wiederrückfallen | -, wiederrückgefallen |Last post 29 Sep 15, 16:12
LEOs Eintrag: https://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=wiederr%C3%BCckfallen&searchLo…4 Replies
revert to formLast post 21 Nov 10, 23:53
Certainly, after several public displays of unity with Morgan Tsvangiariai, Mugabe has sudde…3 Replies
revert to ExchequerLast post 10 Sep 19, 10:04
We aim to habe ihm in jail shortly with his ill-got gains reverting to E. 1 Replies
Revert material, Mastermelt materialLast post 19 Oct 16, 11:04
During our Recent Internal Audit, we have discovered that we have an issue when using a Subc…6 Replies
To revert computations [Math]Last post 09 Sep 11, 17:11
... leider kein Kontext vorhanden... Weiß jemand, wie die Übersetzung dafür lautet? Bin lei…2 Replies