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galling, appropriation, distraint

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seizure - Festnahme / BeschlagnahmeLast post 04 Apr 07, 10:59
seizure = The act of taking possession of property, e.g., for a violation of law or by virtu…12 Replies
seizure - Besitzergreifung Last post 30 Nov 07, 03:22
As possible translations for Besitzergreifung, Leo lists: 1)capture 2)seizure surely that s…3 Replies
seizure [med.][tech.]\t\t \t - der SchlaganfallLast post 24 May 14, 15:25
Der LEO Eintrag: http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=seizure&searchLoc=0&resultO5 Replies
myoclonic threshold - KrampfschwelleLast post 17 Jun 08, 10:47
Prakash A 2008: Effect of propofol in altering pentylenetetrazol induced seizure threshold i…2 Replies
seizureLast post 22 Jun 08, 11:22
As in “Each time there is a seizure of banned drugs you can be sure that there’s Viagra 2 Replies
seizureLast post 31 Mar 05, 16:47
The current hypothesis for the mode of action of the adhesive pad in Reduviids invokes oil-f…3 Replies
seizureLast post 11 Nov 18, 12:39
“It wasn’t even me, honestly,” said Delilah, slurring her words. She pointed in the general di8 Replies
seizureLast post 28 May 11, 10:46
the finery worn by both Gresham and Jane would have died on the streets aqnd suffered a seiz…7 Replies
heart seizureLast post 30 Oct 08, 18:47
She got zapped repeatedly (with a taser)), and the ordeal brought about fibrillation and hea…3 Replies
seizure / strokeLast post 18 May 08, 16:40
In den englischsprachigen Zeitungen steht, dass Ted Kennedy eine "seizure" hatte, in den deu…6 Replies