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piper, wiper Piper, vier, Vier

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viper plugLast post 08 Nov 18, 17:02
Hallo, es geht um ein Patent zum Thema Erdölbohrung:…2 Replies
viper snakeLast post 23 Oct 11, 14:13
The country (Zambia) has many species of reptiles such as viper snakes, tortoises, and also …3 Replies
Viper (deutsche Aussprache)Last post 05 Apr 18, 08:18
Ich sprach gerade nach dem deutschen Ostergottesdienst in Budapest mit einer hiesigen Sprach…36 Replies
horned viper - HornviperLast post 11 Nov 11, 22:44
The main animals found in Arabia include scorpions, horned vipers and cobras, spiders, and l…1 Replies
viper - NatterLast post 10 Jul 05, 19:40
Streichen. Definition bei M-W (…1 Replies
nose-horned viper - Hornotter, f (Vipera ammodytes)Last post 26 Sep 17, 19:44äische Hornotter, SandotterVipera amm…0 Replies
viper’s-grass - Kleine Schwarzwurzel, wiss: Scorzonera humilisLast post 26 Jul 11, 20:13
On LEO: Replies
Austrian viper’s grass - Österreichische Schwarzwurzel, wiss.: Scorzonera austriacaLast post 26 Jul 11, 20:10…0 Replies
bearded viper’s grass - die Grannen-Schwarzwurzel, wiss.: Scorzonera aristataLast post 26 Jul 11, 20:07 Nam…0 Replies
purple viper’s grass - Violette Schwarzwurzel, wiss.: Scorzonera purpurea, Podospermum purpureumLast post 27 Jul 11, 02:53…0 Replies

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