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    accomplish (Verb)

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accomplished - ausgeführtLast post 22 Aug 07, 11:24
All operations should be accomplished with gloves.1 Replies
accomplishedLast post 01 Oct 07, 17:25
She is a very accomplished lady. (Persönliches Gespräch) Nun gut, sie ist versiert, hat vie…4 Replies
an accomplished bierkeller ranter (Trump)Last post 17 Mar 16, 19:53
In einem Guardian Artikel lese ich das Wort "bierkeller" und wüsste gern, wie das bei native…53 Replies
accomplished athletesLast post 27 May 09, 15:42
Take, for example, the most accomplished athletes. They don't just quit when the going gets …2 Replies
job accomplishedLast post 14 Mar 13, 16:38
Ich habe kürzlich den Ausdruck "job accomplished" gelesen. Kann man die Redewendung mit "Bef…2 Replies
Mission accomplished, Mr. ... - Mission erfüllt, Herr ...Last post 07 Nov 05, 16:48
oder: Aufgabe erfüllt? / oder: Ziel erreicht?1 Replies
...accomplished from these experiencesLast post 09 Jan 09, 19:18
The employer will be most interested in your academic background, your work experience, and …2 Replies
should have been accomplishedLast post 19 Sep 11, 09:06
"A" is asked to analyse "B"'s proposal under all aspects, and to acknowledge the financial s…2 Replies
accomplished by self-assessmentLast post 06 Dec 11, 17:05
The process is accomplished primarily by self-assessment on the part of individual commands,…1 Replies
...an accomplished concert singer...Last post 09 Aug 10, 16:41
...ein vollendeter Konzertsänger?8 Replies