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offence, Offence

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Offense taken Last post 29 Feb 16, 09:42
Person 1: What you say is total bullshit Person 2 (also Antwort darauf): ... offense taken …20 Replies
federal offenseLast post 13 May 10, 14:04
ich hab keine Ahnung was federal offense bedeutet1 Replies
hanging offenseLast post 09 Jul 14, 18:45
Losing a patient with unfinished paperwork was probably a hanging offense at the hospital. …3 Replies
federal offense - StraftatLast post 07 Jul 15, 20:13 ; In the United Sta…4 Replies
no offenseLast post 31 Oct 08, 19:37
Good day my fellow leonites. I have to talk about a funny experience I had yesterday concern…39 Replies
no offense takenLast post 02 Dec 16, 15:49
Heisst das: "Ich bin nicht beleidigt..." Oder "ich will/wollte Dich nicht beleidigen" Danke!14 Replies
No offense - None takenLast post 06 May 05, 08:23 I shot Richard Holmes in the st…7 Replies
offense cycle [psych./kriminol.]Last post 10 Apr 10, 21:50
Many child molesters are not detected until they are deeply entrenched into their pffense cy…1 Replies
todeswürdiges Verbrechen - deadly offenseLast post 30 Sep 12, 09:27
Die Beleidigung ihrer Religion, auch wenn sie von einem zunächst Unbekannten ausging, schein…3 Replies
civil offense (AE) - unerlaubte HandlungLast post 22 Mar 07, 14:28
What is the difference between a civil offense and a criminal act? A civil offense is anythi…5 Replies

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