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„s“-Genitiv und „of“-Genitiv
Der s-Genitiv ist bei manchen Dingen neben dem of-Genitiv möglich.

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attract fluidLast post 06 Jan 09, 21:58
... to help to attract fluid into the cartilage.Es geht um ein Mittel für die Gelenkpflege.5 Replies
attract talentLast post 08 Mar 10, 12:13
Leaders attract talent to build teams. Mein Vorschlag: Fü…4 Replies
attract covenantsLast post 16 Apr 10, 19:10
The rebranding and quality fit our have attracted the covenenats of Company X. --- The high…2 Replies
to attract atttentionLast post 08 Dec 06, 09:20
Aufmerksamkeit erregen. Ist der englische Begriff eher negativ belegt oder kann man ihn auch…1 Replies
attract alternative capitalLast post 06 May 08, 11:13
"Until recently we didn't have the ability to break up the risk into derivative classes that…4 Replies
attract foreign studentsLast post 08 Sep 08, 13:58
- promotes marketing activities in order to attract foreign students in LBUS; Fördert Marke…9 Replies
attract private investmentLast post 06 Apr 11, 10:38
We´ll put more Americans to work repairing crumbling roads and bridges. We´ll make sure this…2 Replies
to attract controversyLast post 27 May 10, 13:56
... a role that had often attracted controversy2 Replies
Attract prospective studentsLast post 09 Jun 09, 11:44
The International Office has put in place a number of measures to help 'attract prospective …2 Replies
attract a funky crowdLast post 25 Jan 08, 17:40
Ist aber durchaus positiv gemeint: Die vielen hippen Läden attract a funky crowd. Wie würdet…1 Replies

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