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Orthographically similar words

boot, clot, coat, coco, Colt, colt, coo, Cook, cook, cool, coom, coon, coop, coopt, Copt, cost, cot, Cote, cote, foot, hoot, loot, moot, root, scoot, Scot, soot, toot, zoot Boot, Colt, cool

Forum discussions containing the search term

old cootLast post 05 Mar 10, 20:40
Here comes the old coot! (my grandma)4 Replies
queer as a cootLast post 15 Jun 07, 20:53
pops up in one of Noel Coward's short stories: "he was as queer as a coot" Ich weiß was que…2 Replies