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downfall - starker RegenLast post 26 Apr 07, 10:04
There are loads of examples on the internet, eg. @ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtm…8 Replies
downfallLast post 02 Mar 08, 13:57
aus dem lied von regina spektor - samson You are my sweetest downfall i loved you first. i2 Replies
downfall, downthrow - Verwerfungswand ins Liegende/nach untenLast post 20 Sep 19, 11:51
 downfall   -SouthStaffordshire [geol.] VerwerfungswandinsLiegende   downfall   -SouthStaff3 Replies
"sweetest downfall"Last post 26 Dec 08, 00:20
In einem Lovesong heißt es "You are my sweetest downfall." Der weitere Zusammenhang ("I love…3 Replies
root downfallLast post 13 Apr 17, 23:46
The root downfall of praising yourself, and criticizing others. Es geht hier um buddhistisc…4 Replies
downfall of a spell checker Last post 17 Jul 11, 03:41
Apologies if it has been posted already. I have a spelling checker. It came with my PC. It …2 Replies
...highlight structural downfallLast post 30 Oct 09, 15:24
Abnschreiben Actually the protection sheath works as protection screen against the environm…5 Replies
Der Untergang des Abendlandes steht bevor. - The downfall of the occident is dawning.Last post 14 Feb 10, 15:19
Stimmt das so? Oder geht's noch eleganter?4 Replies
and that their downfall had been - und als hätten sie den Fehler begangenLast post 19 Sep 08, 19:12
It seemed as if a small group of military guards had used Abu Ghraib to fulfil their sexual …4 Replies
Mickey went to the funeral home, cleared the room, took out the snakewood sticks that had been his inheritance, played a traditional rudimental drum piece, "The Downfall of Paris" on Lenny's coffin, and split.Last post 18 Sep 18, 10:23
"cleared the room": does this mean that he told other mourners to leave?"played a traditiona…17 Replies