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expiry, impressment, confiscation, expiration

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Civil Asset ForfeitureLast post 12 Sep 17, 13:20
https://www.aclu.org/criminal-law-reform/civil-asset-forfeiture Every year, federal and sta…25 Replies
confiscation vs. forfeitureLast post 03 Feb 09, 11:51
Who can tell me the difference between these two concepts with regard to the recovery of cri…7 Replies
Asset forfeitureLast post 23 Jan 08, 12:59
Asset forfeiture is a controversial topic in Austria where a complex formula determines how …1 Replies
forfeiture allegationLast post 24 Feb 08, 16:39
Es handelt sich um eine Anklageschrift - Gibt es das Wort "Verfallsvorwurf"?4 Replies
award forfeitureLast post 15 Nov 14, 01:12
And the investigation continues – we are still working our way through disciplinary and acco…2 Replies
forfeiture provisionsLast post 19 Jul 10, 15:34
e.g., vesting conditions, or forfeiture provisions linked to employee share awards wie kann…2 Replies
pain of forfeitureLast post 03 Jan 08, 09:32
If a notice has been sent by fax, it must immediately be confirmed on pain of forfeiture by …1 Replies
Verwirkung der Ersatzanprüche - Forfeiture of Compensation ClaimsLast post 12 Jul 12, 14:37
Is that correct?3 Replies
Verfallserklärung - declaration of forfeiture?Last post 04 Oct 05, 14:06
Der Vertrag wird durch eine gänzliche oder teilweise Unverwendbarkeit des Leasingobjektes wi…0 Replies
Ausschlussfrist, Verfall von Ansprüchen - Term of Preclusion, Forfeiture of RightsLast post 20 Jun 13, 11:01
Hier kommt ein schwieriger Absatz, für mich zumindest :) Alle Ansprüche, die sich aus dem A…2 Replies