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going, grain, grin, grind, groan, grown, robin, rosin Gotin, Grind

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groyne, jetty

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groin Last post 29 Sep 10, 10:46
Hallo, ich suche eine Übersetzung von "groin" in der Architektur. Es geht um den Kuppelbau.…7 Replies
groinLast post 18 Jul 10, 13:50
Revealed: brutal guide to punishing jailed youths • 'Drive fingers into groin', says prison …2 Replies
micro groin - LenkbuhneLast post 21 Feb 09, 13:32
Micro groins are near bed river training structures in rivers for stabilization and structur…0 Replies
groin pinchLast post 23 Jun 08, 13:19
"Pulling the tongue, ice packs on the throat, hitting yourself, the groin pinch."3 Replies
groin/loinsLast post 10 Mar 09, 17:48
A kidney stone can produce severe pain in the flank and groin area. I'm proofreading an Eng…7 Replies
Leistengegend - groin areaLast post 13 Mar 14, 22:51
Heftige Schmerzen in der Leistengegend können ein Zeichen für eine Entzündung irgendwo im Kö…1 Replies
head-heart-gut-groin-testLast post 25 Aug 14, 13:39
Other people are not so comfortable trusting their fate to the vagaries of chance but requir…4 Replies
collapsed sinuses in the groinLast post 27 Aug 19, 14:16
"Collapsed sinuses in the groin'. Das stellt ein Pathologe bei der Obduktion eines Ermordete…3 Replies
get sold for a kick to Lodwick's groin Last post 23 Jan 09, 11:05
der erste Kommentar unter diesem Artikel: http://gawker.com/353501/company-that-was-totally-…1 Replies
stirring in his groin or in his heartLast post 08 Dec 12, 14:43
He wasn't immune to women, so he could see she had a graceful walk. But he felt no stirring …3 Replies

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