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grain bill - SchüttungLast post 08 Mar 06, 21:07
In formulating the grain bill for a Czech Pils we would suggest a mild, clean tasting base m…1 Replies
grain legumes - Körnerleguminosen Last post 15 Aug 05, 08:41
http://www.ipgri.cgiar.org/publications/HTMLPublications/192/ch2.htm0 Replies
grain mill - GetreidemühleLast post 16 Oct 10, 23:35
Bei der Suche nach Getreidemühle ergibt die Suche "flour mill" was an sich schon unlogisch i…2 Replies
spent grain - TreberLast post 06 Feb 10, 13:58
Treber ist die feste Bestandteile aus dem Korn. Spent grain is the residual part of the ker…0 Replies
grain yield - GetreideertragLast post 22 Nov 07, 11:01
The company's trait discovery and development program focuses on enhancing grain yield in co…2 Replies
run of thread - der FadenlaufLast post 01 Feb 06, 15:18
Straight (or lengthwise) grain refers to the threads of the fabric which run parallel to the…0 Replies
groat - kernel of the oat grain - die Graupe [Molinologie]Last post 12 Feb 06, 02:30
Hier erscheint eine Präzisierung der Erläuterung wünschenswert. Laut Wörterbuch bestehen Gra…2 Replies
grainLast post 12 Jan 07, 10:41
Claims on raising or storage of grain up to USD 4.925 for each individual. Eine Übersetzung …3 Replies
grainLast post 15 Jan 16, 18:22
The identification of the extent or grain of the refugia remains difficult. (Aus einem Wiss…4 Replies
grainLast post 09 Dec 12, 22:12
A flier produced by the Socialist Workers Party (SAP) in 1934 similarly exists in this grain…8 Replies