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remote, removed, remover remote

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lo-fi - schlichtLast post 24 Apr 06, 06:00
This seems like one of those iffy words, that if it is to appear in Leo at all, should be un…3 Replies
company - der Konzern Last post 05 Apr 07, 15:25
Woywode, Wörterbuch Rechnungslegung und Steuern: Company - die Gesellschaft Group - der Ko…7 Replies
weals - SchwielenLast post 28 Jan 10, 01:10
Was reading http://usarundbrief.com/3/index.html and came across the word 'Schwielen'. Le…3 Replies
sheepish - blödeLast post 24 Mar 04, 09:13
the other translations (in either direction) seem okay, but this one seems wrong to me; or i…8 Replies
thesis - die TheseLast post 06 Dec 05, 01:01
Are you guys sure that 'thesis' does not happen to mean Doktorarbeit/Dissertation only? I w…8 Replies
ausziehen ... entfernen - Remove ... remove Last post 06 Oct 08, 13:44
Alle mit xxx getränkten Kleidungsstücke sind auszuziehen und aus dem Raum zu entfernen. Remove4 Replies
remove (noun) - Abstand?Last post 21 Mar 18, 17:41
In this thread https://dict.leo.org/forum/viewUnsolvedquery.php?idThread=606409&idForum=2&lp4 Replies
Go ahead, remove those towelsLast post 09 May 08, 19:21
Since this has been a topic of discussion here before, I feel obligated to mention this: htt…50 Replies
remove - stepLast post 20 Sep 08, 21:02
to be only one remove from a fool ?4 Replies
Please see that the quality is equal. - Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass die Qualität stimmt.Last post 05 Jan 07, 12:27
. . I was looking for a snappy translation of "Die Qualität stimmt" and found this questiona…11 Replies

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