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burke, suppress, prevent, cancel, remove, erase, rule, delete

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eliminate redundanciesLast post 31 May 07, 17:53
It is about the following sentence: If a force is conservative, then it changes the potentia…8 Replies
eliminate Last post 02 Jul 08, 12:16
Service connections should eliminate fixed horizontal pipes, conduits, or wires located less…3 Replies
herausrechnen - computationally eliminate Last post 23 Sep 09, 10:20
Meiner Ansicht müßte dies eine gute englische Übersetzung für "herausrechnen" sein!?0 Replies
to eliminate positions - Stellen streichenLast post 10 Feb 10, 11:01
U.S. Foodservice has announced that due to lower sales volume, the Streator facility will el…1 Replies
to eliminate fromLast post 02 Dec 07, 12:36
We made efforts to eliminate this football team from the competition.1 Replies
to eliminate homotoxins through the formation and discharge of pus [med.] - abeitern |eiterte ab, abgeeitert|Last post 19 Feb 08, 17:03
Wenn überhaupt, würde "discharge of pus" dem Begriff abeitern entsprechen. Aber der englisch…3 Replies
eliminate with more stealthLast post 08 Jun 10, 18:38
With a little patience, the Earth can bide its time and eliminate some of us with more steal…1 Replies
Papiere aussondern - eliminate?Last post 14 Jan 09, 18:19
"Ich habe die Dokumente leider vor 2 Jahren ausgesondert." eliminate klingt in diesem Zshg. 3 Replies
eliminate the burden of ownershipLast post 02 Jan 13, 15:50
All devices are leased, which eliminates the burden of ownership. Hat jemand eine Idee, wie…2 Replies
...to eliminate....to do withoutLast post 26 Apr 11, 14:40
I recognize that some in this chamber have already proposed deeper cuts, and I´m willing to …4 Replies

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