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kindred, kinsfolk, relations, kinfolk

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indefinite article with kinship terms?Last post 30 Jan 19, 19:20
When using kinship terms, does the (non)use of the indefinite article follow the pattern of …10 Replies
cognatic kinshipLast post 04 Jul 07, 11:55
The significance of unilineal descent in this theory was its emergence from a kind of 'natur…5 Replies
ties of kinship - verwandtschaftliche BandeLast post 14 Sep 14, 19:55
In most cultures, there is a widespread belief that ties of kinship last beyond death. -1 Replies
kinship of purposeLast post 08 Jul 10, 13:13
"He knew several by name, but most were unknown to him. On those windswept ridges for six da…3 Replies
kinship or camouflage of ...Last post 02 Sep 17, 12:10
But his questions remind me that while I can choose my own silence, and I can choose the kin…4 Replies
kinship with the weatherLast post 24 Jun 10, 21:03
Eine Wanderung auf den Mt. Kenya. Low cloud had descended. M. had been for walks in the sno…5 Replies
a basic moral code of kinship - sich der Familie gegenüber verpflichtet fühlen??Last post 19 Feb 04, 18:20
I think he was referring to something that actually goes beyond a strong sense of family lik…6 Replies
kinship with men of like mindLast post 19 Apr 06, 22:51
like = gleich ?2 Replies
Affinity: a spiritual kinship between two people of one kind. - Eine geistige Verwandschaft: eine geistige Verwandschaft besteht zwischen zwei Gleichgesinnten.Last post 03 Mar 09, 19:14
Affinity: a spiritual kinship between two people of one kind. Hallo, würdet ihr das auch so…4 Replies
The injustice, if such it is, of these arrangements [kinship arrangements] is never raised. - Die Ungerechtigkeit dieser Ordnungen, wenn es eine solche ist, wird nie angesprochen/geäußert.Last post 25 Dec 13, 23:45
Wie übersetzt man "if such it is" richtig bzw am besten? PS: Erster Versuch mit tdict.leo…4 Replies