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   offensiv (Adjective)

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offensive - befremdlichLast post 01 Dec 08, 14:02
This seems ... erm ... befremdlich to me. I've never heard 'offensive' used in that sense. S…16 Replies
offensive to / offensive for?Last post 28 Dec 10, 13:54
There are so many rules in that school that are offensive for / to boys. Ich könnte natürli…1 Replies
House MD - how offensive?Last post 20 Aug 08, 10:50
While recently watching a few episodes of House MD, I wondered how offensive the main charac…45 Replies
reclaimed words / offensive wordsLast post 11 Mar 09, 14:28
In some threads today there was some discussion of offensive words. (I won't repeat the word…13 Replies
Klimaschutz-Offensive - climate protection offensiveLast post 11 Jul 07, 16:11
Kann man das so wörtlich übersetzen?0 Replies
How offensive is "getting pissed" ?Last post 01 Nov 08, 03:08
Dear all, I had an hour phone conversation with a customer service agent this morning. I'l…86 Replies
Offensive für Chancengleichheit - Equal Opportunities OffensiveLast post 29 Nov 07, 23:50
http://www.wissenschaftsrat.de/presse/pm_3606.html Offensive just sounds so wrong in connect…4 Replies
the retarded - geistig Behinderte Last post 10 Jan 11, 21:54
New SOED retarded B n.pl. The class of retarded people. Freq. considered offensive. M20. ret9 Replies
Kraut (offensive) - Teuton (poetic)?Last post 19 May 21, 15:53
In einem Wikipedia-Artikel über englische Spitznamen für Deutsche wird der Begriff Kraut al26 Replies
offensive foul - das StürmerfoulLast post 01 Mar 12, 19:29
http://www.duden.de/suchen/dudenonline/st%C3%BCrmerfoul Substantiv, Neutrum - (im Angriffssp…4 Replies