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Orthographically similar words

aphid, braid, rabid, raid, rapids, sapid, vapid rapide

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apace, rapidly, expeditious rasant, rapide, reißend

Forum discussions containing the search term

rapid - rapidLast post 23 Sep 09, 19:58
ra|pid (österr. nur so, sonst bes. südd.), ra|pi|de [frz. rapide 2 Replies
...rapid prototypes.../rapid prototypingLast post 24 Apr 07, 00:19
Ich wüsste gerne wie man dieses "rapid" übersetzen würde gesetz dem Fall es würde in folgend…4 Replies
created a rapid growthLast post 16 Jun 09, 17:59
The combination of an aging population and improved survival after acute myocardial infarcti…2 Replies
Software - "rapid key"Last post 19 Dec 06, 16:29
Ich habe ein Frage zu einer mehr-oder-weniger-wortschöpfung; es geht um die Bezeichnung eine…1 Replies
rapid coupling - SchnellkupplungLast post 12 Sep 02, 15:32
I have read the expression "rapid coupling" in a German catalog. But it sounds odd to my ear…0 Replies
rapid current - StrömungsgeschwindigkeitLast post 08 Feb 09, 21:28
The upper Danube, some 600 miles (965 km) long, has a considerable average inclination of th…0 Replies
rapid innovationLast post 19 Sep 06, 22:34
rapid innovation availability is critical in order to achieve quick takeoff. ich muss das üb…3 Replies
rapid delayLast post 21 Jan 07, 05:54
"This demonstrates the workings of the Rosen true electronic organ", he began. "This is the …5 Replies
rapid burstsLast post 12 Oct 09, 02:41
Her eyes were whipping back and forth in rapid bursts. Der Satz stammt aus einem amerikanis…2 Replies
rapid-firing gun - MaschinenkanoneLast post 20 Jul 12, 16:51
The French 75-mm cannon was an archetypal rapid-firing gun used from its introduction in 189…3 Replies