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inroad, incursion, aggression, irruption, invasion

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smash-and-grab raid - BlitzdiebstahlLast post 22 Aug 04, 22:20
http://www.freesearch.co.uk/dictionary/smash-and-grab+raid to smash a window - and grab things2 Replies
hit and run raid - StippangriffLast post 11 Jul 08, 21:59
"The region north of the Danube became the launching post for hit and run raids into the Rom…3 Replies
Area 51 RaidLast post 20 Sep 19, 19:42
Ein Student ruft auf Facebook zum Sturm auf die Area 51 auf, den mysteriösen Geheimstützpunk…8 Replies
raid - plündernLast post 16 Oct 08, 01:18
to raid the bank account das Bankkonto plündern to raid the bank account das Bankkonto plündern1 Replies
ram-raid - BlitzeinbruchLast post 23 Nov 15, 19:05
http://www.duden.de/woerterbuch/englisch-deutsch/ram-raid http://www.duden.de/woerterbuch/de…1 Replies
bombing - BombenangriffLast post 04 Jul 05, 17:35
US officials admit civilians may have been killed during a bombing raid on a suspected Taleb…6 Replies
raid ???Last post 29 Dec 06, 20:45
Definition: buying another company´s shares on the stock exchange, hoping to persuade enough ot3 Replies
raidLast post 04 Jan 10, 19:55
es geht hier um eine geschichte, die zur zeit des zweiten weltkriegs spielt. kann mir jeman…6 Replies
Air Raid in context with sports ...Last post 06 Jul 08, 01:38
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Jay_High_School_(Cross_River%2C_New_York)#Ultimate Can so…10 Replies
air-raid precautions - LuftschutzmaßnahmenLast post 17 May 08, 18:21
Quelle: TMX0 Replies