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redundantLast post 30 May 08, 18:24
Dear All, 'redundant in view of' seems quite long, 'redundant over', 'redundant to', 'redun…8 Replies
redundant etc. - Grundformen - Substantiv - ÜberzähligeisLast post 23 Jan 07, 19:14
Wenn man die Übersetzung zu deutsch "überzählig" sucht, steht unten bei den Grundformen für …4 Replies
Interpreters now redundant - sorry!Last post 06 Oct 17, 12:23
"Google’s new headphones can translate foreign languages in real time". It's in the Daily Te…38 Replies
redundant - doppelt gemoppeltLast post 29 Dec 05, 14:43
CALD: redundant (EXTRA) adjective (especially of a word, phrase etc.) unnecessary because …12 Replies
redundant or necessary referenceLast post 21 Feb 07, 12:11
Context: there is a particle P that is acted upon by many forces F1, F2,... and P has the ki…3 Replies
redundify - etwas redundant machenLast post 31 Aug 05, 13:13
day-to-day usage in EUMETSAT, google-search We had to redundify the web server. Very useful …2 Replies
is the word "yet" redundant?Last post 06 Oct 15, 06:01
Is the word "yet" still in use? eg "Good, yet cheap PSP games " I believe it is now more …23 Replies
"(deleted as redundant)"Last post 14 Jul 09, 20:00
In this thread (http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewGeneraldiscussion.php?idThread=765687&idForum=4&2 Replies
Redundant plural formsLast post 02 Feb 06, 16:02
Just spotted some redundant plural forms in LEO that may be deleted: gold mines pl. - Goldm…6 Replies
non-redundantLast post 20 Nov 08, 20:18
Wie soll ich das verstehen? Nicht überflüssige Datenbank? MetaCyc database: non-redundant r…2 Replies