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scare, scared, scarey

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Scarce quotesLast post 07 Aug 10, 14:48
In (American) English one frequently sees opinions, etc. enclosed within quotation marks, bu…7 Replies
scar - das KerbLast post 05 Mar 09, 21:16
Das Kerb ist Dialekt, besser wäre die Kerbe! Das Kerb fand ich in keinem aktuellen deutschen…1 Replies
non resource scarceLast post 07 Oct 09, 15:53
Ich habe resource scarcity, daraus folgend resource-scarce societies (mit hyphen als compoun…12 Replies
"The interior was scarce"?Last post 03 Nov 07, 13:49
Ich brauche etwas wie "der Raum war nur spärlich möbliert" oder "die Ausstattung war spärlic…3 Replies
resource-scarce - ressourcenarmLast post 28 Nov 09, 15:23
In fact, some resource rich countries have been outperformed by their resource-scarce counte…1 Replies
scarce studiesLast post 23 Nov 11, 14:34
Only in scarce studies a successful cloning of allergen-specific IgE antibody fragments was …4 Replies
scarce/discarceLast post 04 May 09, 14:43
In der Mikroökonomie: Economic is the study of how people end up choosing to employ scarce r…2 Replies
Pretty scarceLast post 20 Aug 09, 16:21
"... I've had a few little love affairs They didn't last very long and they've been pretty s…4 Replies
Lacking vs scarce vs wanting vs insufficientLast post 02 May 11, 10:54
Hello everyone, I was just stumbling over those four synonyms. I'm not a native speaker, so…2 Replies
land-scarce cityLast post 26 Jul 13, 17:51
Tiny land-scarce Singapore is projecting its population to swell by a third over the next tw…5 Replies

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