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stimulation Simulantin, Stimulation

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"simulation"Last post 14 Feb 08, 17:20
Does that mean to feign any illness (headache, fever or something), or is it restricted to s…2 Replies
residual bus simulation - Restbus-SimulationLast post 14 Jul 14, 16:34
DE: http://automotive.softing.com/de/anwendungen/simulation.html EN: http://automotive.softi…1 Replies
Simulation game - PlanspielLast post 29 May 08, 16:51
A simulation game, or sim game, (also known as a game of status or mixed game) is a game tha…4 Replies
quantifizieren per Simulation - quantify by simulation (aber wohin gehört das "by simulation" im Satz?)Last post 11 Jun 10, 14:05
Ich bin mir nicht sicher, wo das "by simulation" im Satz hingehört. “Some researchers try t…4 Replies
simulation(s) and experiment(s)Last post 06 May 09, 19:14
Kontext in dem die beiden Wörter eingebettet werden sollen: Keeping the application require…1 Replies
immer weiter gehenden elektronischen Simulation - increasingly advanced electronic simulationLast post 28 Mar 08, 08:56
Ab Juli 1963 begann das Experimentalprogramm mit einer einfachen Reglerversuchswippe sowie e…3 Replies
*Rail Simulation*Last post 17 Oct 13, 10:32
Rail & Public Transport Simulation Software Solutions Simulation software offers you the ul…14 Replies
baseline simulationLast post 30 Jun 10, 22:23
Expected and unexpected losses of the Finnish corporate credit portfolio in the baseline sim…1 Replies
Umweltsimulation - Environment(al) simulationLast post 12 Dec 05, 09:12
Does anyone know the correct expression? I don't know whether to use "environment simulation…3 Replies
CFD-Simulation makroskopischer Spraygrößen - CFD simulation of macroscopic spray characteristicsLast post 01 Jul 09, 09:58
Bin mir nicht sicher ob "characteristics" ein geeignetes Wort ist, aber es hört sich besser …2 Replies