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saber, somber, sower Ober, obere, Obere, Obers, Sorbe, Stör

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lo-fi, soberly, damped, muted, baldly

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soberLast post 25 Aug 11, 16:52
Theseus, the legendary slayer of monsters, proves to be a sober, down-to-earth duke with no …8 Replies
sober timeLast post 31 Mar 09, 18:44
"In this sober time" Gibt es den Begriff "sober time" überhaupt? Wenn ja, was bedeutet es? …3 Replies
good soberLast post 22 Nov 09, 13:16
ist mir aufgefallen bei dem song von P!nk, "sober"- heißt an sich ja "nüchtern" aber wie sol…12 Replies
sober conditionLast post 24 May 08, 23:10
also sober hatte ich mir schon gedacht, aber zusammen mit Zustans? a sober condition? a sob…1 Replies
sober habitLast post 05 Sep 10, 22:32
I'm a 27 yr old female looking for a professional young adult with sober habits to share my m8 Replies
to be soberLast post 01 May 05, 19:29 Bush every day promises to "restore trust, honor …5 Replies
sound and soberLast post 17 Jun 06, 23:22
A sound and sober man can not bear this. Wie kann man "sound and sober" hier am elegantesten…4 Replies
sober (of alcoholic) - trockenLast post 06 Apr 22, 23:36
Sober: Abstaining from or habitually abstemious in the use of alcoholic drink or other intox…9 Replies
sober as a penguinLast post 15 Jul 09, 13:51
Wie könnten man das idiomatisch im Deutschen wiedergeben? Nüchtern wie ein...? Danke;)12 Replies
sober alky - trockener AlkoholikerLast post 08 Apr 22, 09:30
There is no such thing as a former alcoholic as any sober alky knows (and I know what I am t…9 Replies

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