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Orthographically similar words

especially, specialty

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especially, specifically, muchly, eminently

Forum discussions containing the search term

specially - speziellLast post 12 Jun 09, 14:18
Englisch OALD spe•cial•ly /'spe{phon_caps}{shwa}li/ adv. 1 for a particular purpose, pe7 Replies
specially - extraLast post 12 Jun 09, 14:00
Englisch OALD spe•cial•ly /'spe{phon_caps}{shwa}li/ adv. 1 for a particular purpose, pe2 Replies
specially vs. especiallyLast post 24 Aug 07, 21:43
hi, ich kann den unterschied nicht erkennen bzw begründen. kann es mir bitte jemand an beisp…3 Replies
specially constructed vehicleLast post 22 Feb 18, 01:46
NHTSA will consider the following factors, among others:Whether the vehicle is a kit car, re…6 Replies
ad hoc - eigens zu diesem ZweckLast post 19 May 11, 21:20
The given translation of "ad-hoc" appears incorrect.11 Replies
species - specially??Last post 13 Aug 10, 18:52
between species I'm looking for an adjective to "species": Instead of saying that certain c…1 Replies
SDN (specially designated national)Last post 31 Jan 08, 16:01
Eine Liste des US-Finanzministeriums mit Personen "non grata", quasi eine schwarze Liste von…8 Replies
specially oder especiallyLast post 24 Apr 10, 21:50
This specially accounts for shop owners. oder This especially accounts for shop owners. Sol…5 Replies
speziell gut (so ungefär) - Some specially positive findingsLast post 08 Dec 06, 16:25
Some specially positive findings identified during the audit are listed below: Meine Frage: …2 Replies
ein besonders bewegender Moment - a specially touching moment?Last post 01 Sep 08, 18:03
das specially kommt mir ein bisschen merkwürdig vor...4 Replies