Possible base forms for "authorised"

    authorise (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

authorise, authorized

Related search terms

licensed, entitled, authorized, accredited

Forum discussions containing the search term

authorised partnerLast post 25 Apr 06, 15:11
We are an authorised (sales) partner of Company XYZ. Thank you1 Replies
authorised vendorLast post 24 Aug 07, 18:56
- Napkins, aprons, handkerchiefs. All handmade. I'm an authorised vendor myself, so you want…2 Replies
Authorised CelebrantLast post 07 Nov 06, 17:09
Celebrant: ... , Authorised Celebrant aus einer Heiratsurkunde4 Replies
authorised signatory / authorised joint signatory - ProkuristLast post 12 Mar 04, 16:30
I don't actually need a translation but just wondered, looking at the Prokurist point in the…9 Replies
authorised and regulatedLast post 31 May 07, 16:49
This insurance company is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority Dies…1 Replies
its duly authorised Last post 28 Feb 08, 09:56
Accepted on behalf (company's name): its duly authorised Im Namen von (Firmenname): ausreic…5 Replies
"authorised demand signal"Last post 31 Oct 08, 09:39
Beispiel: “Authorized Demand Signal” means an order for Item(s) communicated pursuant to2 Replies
Authorised Dealership AgreementLast post 07 Aug 08, 15:57
Vertragsüberschrift Hat jemand eine treffende Übersetzung für diesen Begriff? Auch Google h…4 Replies
authorised company representative\t\t\t\t\t\tLast post 27 Jan 09, 08:19
By signing this order you are agreeing to be bound by our standard Terms & Conditions which …2 Replies
authorised signatory - HandlungsbevollmächtigterLast post 14 Dec 13, 00:54
As far as I understand it, (confirmed by two dictionaries), a signatory is a person or state…6 Replies

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