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representativeLast post 21 Dec 06, 14:00
I want to say that I am the representative of Amnesty International at my college--how would…2 Replies
representativeLast post 04 Jul 07, 18:12
Es handelt sich hier um eine "representative" für Austauschschüler in USA. Vielleicht kann …1 Replies
RepresentativeLast post 08 Jan 11, 15:27
Is it right to say; Someone has been asked to be the representative German artsit? Is there…3 Replies
representative - repräsentativLast post 29 Jul 10, 18:51
Das Wortpaar ist in Leo. Es wäre nur gut, auch noch das Gebiet "Math." hinzuzufügen. Ich hab…1 Replies
Personalbeauftragte - Personnel representative / Employee representativeLast post 15 Nov 05, 15:39
"Es richtet sich an Personalbeauftragte." Any comments welcome. Thanks.3 Replies
student representativeLast post 29 Mar 06, 02:46
she had always been popular college where she had been elected student representative. I'm t…1 Replies
representative officeLast post 15 Aug 07, 13:24
The company has representative offices in two countries. Würde mich über Hilfe und Input fr…4 Replies
most representativeLast post 09 Apr 07, 13:58
mother courage is the play most representative of Brecht's oeuvre.5 Replies
manufacturers´representativeLast post 16 Sep 06, 17:12
".... smaller manufacturers, that cannot afford to maintain their own sales force, use manuf…1 Replies
sub-representativeLast post 31 Jul 08, 16:10
The Distributor shall not without the prior written consent of XXX be entitled to appoint an…5 Replies

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