Possible base forms for "agreed"

    agree (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

agree, agrégé, greed, greedy

Related search terms

arranged, done, appointed, settled, stipulated

Forum discussions containing the search term

AgreedLast post 16 Oct 09, 10:35
Was ist richtig: 1. It was agreed a transfer of the customers 2. A transfer of the customer…6 Replies
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It had been agreed between the publishing house and the author ... Is "between" correct here?4 Replies
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Hallo, eine kleine verständnis Frage: Ist "has been agreed" eine Passivkonstruktion ? z.B ht…1 Replies
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My company in Germany usually pays salaries according the Entgelttarifvertrag IGM Nordwuertt…4 Replies
authentic language - verbindliche SprachregelungLast post 20 Mar 15, 23:35
The suggested English translation seems a bit literal and does not convey the meaning of the…10 Replies
agreed?Last post 01 Jun 08, 21:40
A: Und für dich, 10% des Gewinns. OK? B1: Abgemacht. B2: Einverstanden. B3: OK. Oder? Ich…3 Replies
that should be agreed on - die vertraglich gesichert werden müsstenLast post 07 Sep 17, 08:33
Fragmente, die so gar nicht übersetzt werden können - löschen.1 Replies
agreed-upon - vereinbartLast post 07 Apr 20, 11:30
We can provide agreed-upon procedures for your vendors. adj.4 Replies
to be agreed in somethingLast post 07 Nov 09, 13:38
I need to write an essay in linguistics: in my introduction, I'd like to start with a gener…4 Replies
agreed solution - abgestimmte LösungLast post 13 Aug 02, 17:02
That guarantees an efficient and ? solution2 Replies