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    design (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

designee, designer, destined, resigned Designer

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device has designedLast post 18 Mar 11, 16:22
In einer unserer Broschüren fand ich den Satz "It was with these targets in our mind that th…3 Replies
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designedLast post 22 Jan 08, 16:08
The term is found in a manual. The English is 'sleek designed features'. The German is 'Das …6 Replies
entsprechend ausgelegt - correspondingly designedLast post 30 Mar 06, 23:38
A machine is designed in such a way that it fits with the other parts of the facility. I v…1 Replies
prädestiniert - designed for/ suitableLast post 21 Sep 07, 16:32
Als Hardwarebasis dient hier ein 8 Bit Mikrocontroller und der für den Automotiv Bereich prä…1 Replies
designed onLast post 03 Dec 06, 21:41
For PS and PCL there is a duplex mode designed on the printer that will switch the printer f…1 Replies
be designedLast post 29 Jul 08, 19:10
be designed as a person of interest2 Replies
designed byLast post 13 May 11, 16:15
aus: process description for Customer Related Processes These procedures can be both custom…1 Replies
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As (almost) everyone here surely knows, a common mistake that English speakers learning Germ…15 Replies
The ministry has designed his own typeLast post 11 Jun 09, 15:21
Müsste es nciht heissen, "its" own type?1 Replies