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fright, relight Freigut

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cargo, freightage

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Sea Freight / Airfreight / Road Freight correct writingLast post 14 Nov 07, 09:55
Hello, is there a reason why Sea and Road Freight are two words as it is common in english b…0 Replies
overland freight - ÜberlandfrachtLast post 01 Aug 11, 16:41
Today, the Great Lakes fleet is much smaller in numbers than it once was because of the incr…1 Replies
freight forwarder - KommissioniererLast post 05 Feb 08, 15:13
vgl. freight consolidator = Sammelladungsspediteur Kann mir jemand den Unterschied zwischen …12 Replies
freight vessel - FrachtschiffLast post 01 Feb 08, 17:58
The freight vessel which had been taking trucks from Warrenpoint in Northern Ireland to the …1 Replies
wagon-load freight system - EinzelwagenladungsverkehrLast post 13 Sep 05, 09:23
Gespräch mit englischem Eisenbahner0 Replies
freight movementsLast post 18 Jul 07, 09:57
and even calculate the environmental impact of freight movements. Es geht um eine Applikati…1 Replies
freight forwarderLast post 21 Oct 10, 13:58
Hallo, wo genau liegt im Deutschen der Unterschied zwischen "freight forwarder" und "shippe…1 Replies
Inbound freightLast post 16 Jan 10, 21:00
Hallo, ich dreh noch durch mit dem Satz, und hoffe auf Eure Hilfe: Es geht um eine Leistung…2 Replies
freight trainLast post 21 Jul 20, 18:42
When life hits like a freight train. Wenn mehrere ungünstige Umstände auf einmal eintreten…9 Replies
freight recoveryLast post 13 Sep 17, 15:31
All Sales Orders should have some form of freight recovery included. 2 Replies